Posted by rwnarloh - Mar 20 ’20 at 04:10

Hardcore Ketogenic It depends only on us who we entrust our health and figure to. According to some scientists, our blood group plays a huge role in nutrition. A diet matched to a specific blood group is based on adapting such products that our body will digest easily and also assimilate well. However, many scientists have a negative attitude towards a diet adapted to the blood group, claiming that this is a myth that can adversely affect our body. Each blood group has a diet. Thanks to this, we can find out which products should be consumed and which are not recommended for us. People with this blood group are commonly called farmers. This is due to the fact that their diet should consist mainly of products of plant origin. Therefore, vegetables, olive oil, cherries, plums and pineapples are welcome products. People with blood type A should limit the consumption of meat, dairy products, fish, seafood, carbonated drinks and beer. The exclusion from the diet of meat and its products is due to the fact that these articles are hard to digest and inhibit our metabolism. Thanks to the diet, you can lose weight quickly, and also prevent the development of obesity or diabetes. However, you should be aware that there are also adverse effects of such a diet. Eliminating meat from the menu can lead to protein, iron and vitamin B12 deficiencies. Worth knowing, that a diet adapted to this blood group excludes heme iron from meals. As a consequence, anemia may occur. Giving up milk can also be bad because it is rich in bacterial strains that support our immunity. The so-called nomads are people with blood group B. Interestingly, such people have a strong immune system that defends the body against various diseases.